Food brings people together, and it is the ingredient that binds us; nothing brings people together like good food.
Our admiration for various styles of cooking has inspired us to combine flavors and traditions from Latin America, America, and Texas.  We strive to do it with the honor and respect that the food from each culture deserves.  


  • simplicity + elegance
  • great food, great drinks, breakfast all day
  • franchise level quality provided by a small local business
  • nice environment wiht a luxury modern feel
  • family friendly
  • bring down barriers + bring together as many nationalities as possible under one roof


Our logo represents an attempt to be the best; to be the kings and queens, of not just fajitas, but food in general.  The gold crown with diamonds represents luxury, and we attempt to carry that theme throughout our restaurant.  We offer a nice dining atmosphere where you can eat like Royalty with the salary of a peasant 😂
You can experience the speed of an express restaurant with the quality of home cooked food.  
fajita kings crown.png


Excellence has to be a habit.  Daily.  Excellence has to be repeated constantly in everything that we do.
Fajita Kings is Pursuit of our vision of perfection.  We have combined all of the elements we consider to be involved in the definition of a perfect restaurant:  fast express feel, drive thru, TVs, wifi, great bar drinks, patio, marble tables, leather seating, color changing LED ambient lighting.  It is just a nice dining atmosphere with a luxury feel.
We want our place to be homey.  Local.  A place where you can hang out or find comfort when you are having a bad day. A place where you can celebrate holidays, birthdays, and any moment you consider special.
A lot of thought was placed into our building.  There are amenities we believe our patrons should have:  nice TVs to enjoy the news or sports, outlets to power devices, free Wifi.



We believe in integrity, and what you see in the picture is the actual product.  Also, we chose to illustrate each plate with a picture to make it easier to order.  A lot of the plates might be new to the area and unheard of by locals.  Pictures can help with the decision making.  Fajita Kings can bring more cultures to the light of our community, and it will be a place where people can experience and try multiple cuisines all at 1 time and in 1 place.
Fajita Kings, in a way, is like the S-Class Mercedes Benz (Sonderklasse), which roughly translates from German to “in a class of its own.”  We are entering a less-crowded market with no local competition.  There are no restaurants in the Bell County area that bring a combination of Latin American cultures.
We want the restaurant to have a more Global feel.  As we grow our menu, we would love to incorporate more plates from Latin American Countries:  Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, to just name a few.  At the same time, we will continue tying everything to our royalty theme and naming.  We are in service to our patrons, and we believe our patrons will give us the right input in incorporating even more plates that represent even more countries in the future.  We aim to be undisputed and to be the Kings & Queens of the Latin Cuisines.