DJ nights

Temple, TX party people!


Join us on DJ nights at Fajita Kings every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday from 10pm-2am for a night out worth remembering. The night is young and so are you! Our full bar will give you access to any of our top shelf drinks for those specialized tastes in beverages, all skillfully crafted by expert bartenders. Fajita Kings is raising the bar in the local restaurant experience. We aim to facilitate an upbeat ambiance that brings in a variety of people as diverse as our menu.


The atmosphere at Fajita Kings is casual and fun with a Latin-inspired twist. From a family-oriented restaurant to a sports bar with a DJ – we can quench any thirst! Best of all, we’ve spared no expense to create an elegant and luxurious environment, complete with many amenities from free wi-fi, color changing LEDs, marble tables, several televisions, high-end speakers and party lights.  


If you’re tired of visiting the same old spots, come and see for yourself a restaurant with the best fajitas, the best drinks all fit for a king and queen — only at Fajita Kings!