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  • Crew LeaderResponsible for supervising kitchen crew, kitchen tasks, training kitchen staff, food quality and overseeing 3-5 employees during store operation. Must know and understand all kitchen related positions from grill cook, line cook to dishwasher and prep work.

  • Shift Leader – Responsible for supervision of wait staff and all front staff during store operation and overseeing 5-10 employees during store hours including, bussers, food runners and bartenders. Shift leaders must know and understand all front staff related positions in order to guide the front staff. Shift leaders are multitaskers from the cleanliness of the restaurant, to answering phone calls, supervising the team, packing delivery orders, checking inventory delivered by distributors, handling the drive-thru and training new staff to name a few.

  • Assistant Manager – Responsible for kitchen inventory, morning and night shift kitchen schedules and hiring. The assistant manager is responsible for all of the daily operations of the kitchen, including but not limited to, portion control, food waste, food rotation, kitchen cleanliness and responsible for overseeing 10-15 employees during store hours. Assistant Manager is directly responsible for choosing, hiring and training crew leaders.

  • Manager – Responsible for bar and front inventory, front staff morning and night shift schedules, overseeing 25 to 50 employees during store operation. Manager is directly responsible for choosing, hiring and training crew leaders

  • General Manager – Responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the whole restaurant. From hands-on work, day & night, front & kitchen work, managing expenses, maintenance, overseeing schedules, managing costs & sales, labor percentage and being involved in all of the many daily tasks of operating a store. In our opinion, there are no limits to the job description of a General Manager