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At Fajita Kings, we aim to delight every one of our customers, and we achieve this by having talented, hardworking, and passionate individuals on our team. Although we are in the early stages of our journey, we have already made a name for ourselves and proven the quality of our dishes and customer care. Fajita Kings has shown huge growth potential, and our expansion will create many job opportunities in the near future. That’s why we are now offering a wide range of career opportunities — if you believe in great food and service, we want you to join the Fajita Kings family!

As an expanding brand, we strive to offer our employees the opportunity to grow with us. I began my hospitality career as a busboy but slowly rose through the ranks through hard work and dedication. Over the years, I went from busboy to server, from server to manager, and from manager to general manager. At Fajita Kings, we believe anyone can achieve the same success if they’re willing to put in the time and effort. This is the perfect time to join our team and begin developing your professional career!

Fernando Suarez


Fajita Kings

Career Opportunities

Busser, Runner, Server, Bartender, Cook, Dishwasher

  • Crew LeaderResponsible for supervising the kitchen crew and their tasks, training kitchen staff, overseeing food quality, and managing 3-5 employees during store operation. Must be familiar with and understand all kitchen-related positions, from grill cook and line cook to dishwasher and prep staff.

  • Shift Leader – Responsible for supervising all front-of-house staff during store operation and directly overseeing 5-10 employees throughout their shifts, including bussers, food runners, and bartenders. Shift leaders must know and understand all front staff-related positions to be able to guide the front-of-house team. Shift leaders are multitaskers, with responsibilities ranging from ensuring the cleanliness of the restaurant to answering phone calls, supervising the team, packing delivery orders, inspecting the inventory delivered by distributors, working the drive-thru, and training new staff members.

  • Assistant Manager – Responsible for kitchen inventory, morning, and night shift kitchen schedules, and hiring. The assistant manager is accountable for the daily operations of the kitchen, including but not limited to portion control, food waste, food rotation, and kitchen cleanliness. Additionally, assistant managers are tasked with overseeing 10-15 employees during business operations. Assistant Manager is directly responsible for choosing, hiring, and training crew leaders.

  • Manager – Responsible for overseeing the bar and the front-of-house inventory, creating the front staff morning and night shift schedules, and managing 25 to 50 employees during store operations. Managers are directly responsible for selecting, hiring, and training crew leaders.

  • General ManagerResponsible for overseeing the daily operations of the entire restaurant. General managers work both day shifts and night shifts, as needed, and can be found working in both the kitchen and the front-of-house area of the restaurant. Their duties can range from hands-on work such as food preparation and serving customers to managerial duties such as calculating labor percentages and managing expenses. General managers must be able to perform every duty in the restaurant and both supervise and support operations as necessary.

Those submitting applications are also encouraged to stop by the location at which they wish to work and introduce themselves.

**You must be at least 16 years of age to be employed by Fajita Kings.