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frequently asked questions

  • Is Fajita Kings a Cuban, Venezuelan or a Mexican Restaurant?"
    We’re flattered for all of the labels we receive. Opinions from our patrons are respected. Personally, we would consider Fajita Kings a Latin-Inspired Cuisine with plates inspired by many Latin-American countries. We have a glossary with brief background information on some of the plates of our menu. Fajita Kings represents Texas, America and Latin America.
  • What makes this different than other mexican restaurants?
    Anywhere you go, it’s not hard to find a restaurant dedicated to only one style and offering the same cuisine for years and years. A multicultural cuisine is better than that, and Fajita Kings is here to prove it. Through our original menu, top-quality customer service and attractive environment, we aim to become an industry leader and show the world that Latin food can be fresh and innovative. Our website explains in much more detail what makes Fajita Kings stand out from the rest.
  • How many locations does Fajita Kings have?
    We only have 1 location.
  • Is Fajita Kings a national chain?
    We get asked this question quite a bit. Fajita Kings is a small family owned local business based out of Temple, TX. It is the first and only location as of right now. We're not a national chain. We're a Temple restaurant, local & small business. With that being said, as of November 2021 Fajita Kings is now live and ready to sell and offer franchises. There is a franchise tab on our website with more information. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe Fajita Kings will one day become a national chain?
  • Is Fajita Kings a franchise?
    Fajita Kings is a small business based out of Temple, TX. We only have 1 location however as of November 2021 Fajita Kings is now live and ready to sell and offer franchises. If you are interested in investing or if you have any questions or ideas relating this matter e-mail us at or give us a call at 305-592-9229.
  • Why the name Fajita Kings?
    The original inspiration was to try and create a powerful name with the intention of excellence. Fajita Kings was designed as a place where the customers are the Kings & Queens. The royalty theme spread throughout the whole concept. The name can also have a double-meaning specially from a competitive point of view. We will always attempt to be the best, the Kings, to be at the top of the industry sitting on the throne. The name is a big motivation to be our best every day. Excellence has to be a habit.
  • Do you offer catering services?
    Yes, we have a link on our website with our catering menu. All of the details are in the menu. E-mail us or call us if you have any additional questions. / 254-239-5214.
  • How do I contact the owner? or
  • What are the Covid safety practices like here?
    The staff all wear masks and they also have sanitizer stations near the entrance.
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