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Delicious food, breakfast all day, mouthwatering desserts, exquisite drinks, luxurious comfort, and all the entertainment your heart desires. That is Fajita Kings.

Our guests become royalty when they step through our doors, and we are always ready to fulfill their every craving with the highest quality dishes and service.

We’ve taken the finest cuisine from throughout Latin America and incorporated it into our menu to be served in an up-scale environment fit for Kings & Queens. Thanks to our modern environment and our innovative menu, we’ve become the premier Latin restaurant in our area.

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Food is the ingredient that binds us together. Nothing brings people together like good food, which is especially true in Latin cultures. Our admiration for various styles of cooking has inspired us to combine flavors from Latin America, America, and Texas overall. We have plates inspired by various Latin American countries, from Argentina to Guatemala! We are a melting pot as a society so there is no reason our foods shouldn’t have a little fusion as well! We strive to create every dish with the honor and respect that each culture deserves. Our love for food drives us to share it with as many people as possible, across any distance.



We created Fajita Kings to change the industry forever.

Anywhere you go, it’s not hard to find a tex-mex restaurant providing the same food, service, and style offered for years and years. Boring!!! 🥱 A multicultural cuisine is better than that, and Fajita Kings is here to prove it!

Through our original menu, top-quality customer service and attractive environment, we aim to become an industry leader and show the world that Latin food can be fresh and innovative.

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Simplicity, elegance and convenience. We have a menu item for any degree of picky eaters. Thirsty instead? Our full bar will give you access to any of our top shelf drinks for those specialized tastes in beverages, all skillfully crafted by expert bartenders. Fajita Kings is raising the bar in the local restaurant experience. We aim to facilitate an upbeat ambiance that brings in a variety of people as diverse as our menu. Our business ranges from a drive-thru customer ordering a breakfast taco to an order of 100+ fajitas off our catering menu – we are truly a one stop shop.


Our goal is to make an inclusive atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

From a family-oriented restaurant to a sports bar with a DJ – we can quench any thirst! Best of all, we’ve spared no expense to create an elegant and luxurious environment, complete with many amenities from free wi-fi, color changing LEDs, marble tables and several televisions.

The atmosphere at Fajita Kings is casual and fun with a Latin-inspired twist. This is the kind of place you want to watch the big game with your friends or spend an evening with your family and children. This is also the kind of place you can just show up by yourself and have a drink at the bar, have breakfast or coffee in the morning and bring your family and children for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.



We stand for excellence and excellence has to be a habit. Although we are a small business with limited budget, we strive to achieve excellence daily and in all the many different aspects and dimensions that go into the restaurant experience. Our customers are the Kings and Queens and Fajita Kings is their kingdom. The hard work and dedication that went into this was with the intention to provide an excellent service to our Kings & Queens.


We believe in integrity, and what you see in the picture is the actual product. We intentionally chose to illustrate each plate with a picture to make it easier to order. Many of our plates might be new to the area and unheard of by locals. Here at Fajita Kings, we bring cultures together while allowing our customers to experience multiple cuisines all at once in one place.


Fajita Kings, in a way, is like the S-Class Mercedes Benz (Sonderklasse), which roughly translates from German to “in a class of its own.” We believe our originality and uniqueness is what distinguish us from the rest. Because of our uniqueness, Fajita Kings is in a class of its own and in its own category. We have combined so many elements under one roof. There are no restaurants locally that bring a combination of all these Latin American cultures that also offers breakfast all day. Our pursuit of excellence and our attempt at being the undisputed will continue to drive us to reach higher levels, with the intent of improving continuously and providing elite customer service to our Kings and Queens


Our local community is important to us which is why our guests can expect luxury treatment every time that will make them feel like royalty. Fajita Kings is a place where you can hang out or find comfort when you are having a bad day. A place where you can visit when on lunch break, have a dessert, celebrate holidays, birthdays, a meal with yourself or any moment you consider special.


Fajita Kings appeals to people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all walks of life with more than just great food and affordable prices, but a unique experience as well! Everywhere you go, you can find the same chain restaurant, serving the same old flavor they always have. There are thousands of Latin and Tex-Mex restaurants around the country, but most of them look the same, feel the same, and taste the same. Latin restaurants can be much better than that, and Fajita Kings is here to prove it! We give customers an experience unlike any other. Thanks to our modern environment and a menu that incorporates dishes from throughout Latin American, we’ve become the premier Latin restaurant in our area.

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Once you step through our door, we are ready to satisfy your every craving. Hungry? We’ll serve you nothing but the finest dishes, inspired by flavors from all over Latin America! Sweet tooth? Try one of delicious homemade tres leches cake! Thirsty? Our full-service bar will give you access to many exquisite mixed drinks and margaritas, all skillfully crafted by expert bartenders. Best of all, we’ve spared no expense to create an elegant and luxurious environment, complete with DJ equipment and several televisions to watch sports. If you’re tired of visiting the same old spots, come and see for yourself a restaurant fit for a king and queen — only at Fajita Kings!
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The original inspiration was to create a powerful name that holds the power of excellence. The theme of royalty is spread throughout the whole concept. We will always attempt to be the best, the Kings, to be at the top of the industry sitting on the throne. The name itself is motivation to always be the best and to incorporate excellence as a habit in everything we do. Our goal is to have this modern fusion restaurant reverberate around the United States and beyond.
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